AI operations

Automate content management for greater accuracy and efficiency

Address the growing need to properly identify, label, and categorize video, audio, text, image, and GIF files with a balanced approach that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with human understanding and validation.

Global scale

Put our expertise to work for your business

Effectively flag user reviews and comments through machine learning and human moderators.

Achieve human-level intelligence by training machine learning models to review and label images, text, video, audio, and GIF files.

Review and triage user feedback through accurate and comprehensive tagging of reports, classifying them further into issues, feature requests and, user sentiments.

Automate the classification and cataloging of e-commerce products, policy checks on merchant data, and validation of available information.

Automatically classify content based on product category, attributes, and customer reviews.

Ensure your apps meet Google and Apple policies and protect your users with script-level reviews.

Trust and Safety Solutions

Protect company reputation, user safety, and content accuracy

Effectively monitor online content, mitigate risks, and validate user authenticity to ensure integrity, accuracy, and safety across your entire digital presence.

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